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Yes, Soda Really Is Bad For Your Teeth

HERE’S ONE REALLY SIMPLE THING that you can do to make your mouth healthier: reduce the number of sugary, acidic drinks in your diet!

When we say sugary, acidic drinks we mean more than just soda. We’re including sports drinks, energy drinks, and even fruit juice. Read on!

Sugar + Acid Create The Worst Possible Cocktail For Your Smile

Oral bacteria in our mouths metabolize sugars in our drinks. This reaction creates an acid byproduct that erodes our teeth. If you have a healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth, you suffer less decay, but no one is completely free of harmful oral bacteria, even with great genes and perfect brushing habits.

Acidic Drinks Erode Teeth

In addition to the sugar, these drinks are loaded with acid! Acidity in soft drinks takes a more direct route than sugar, eroding your teeth without the help of oral bacteria. Each attack of the teeth lasts about 20 minutes and when you take another sip, it starts over again. This is why diet and “sugar-free” sodas do just as much damage as regular soda.

Many Of Us Drink At Least One A Day

As many as half of us drink at least one soda per day! Many people drink more. How much do YOU drink each day? Imagine how much better your enamel would feel if you replaced that soda with milk or water.

Be Kind To Your Smile

It’s not just about cavities. Enamel erosion can also lead to tooth sensitivity, and excess sugar leads to gum disease, the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults.

Have YOU kicked the soda habit? Do you have any tips that you can share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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2 responses to "Yes, Soda Really Is Bad For Your Teeth"

  • Anthony Williams DDS says:

    I must confess, I was a soda drinker and did not drink any water at all! It was hard to change but it can be done! I am proud to say now my drink of choice is water! Going forward my teeth are in a better place, but my history of soda did do damage to my teeth. So I encourage all soda drinkers to give it a try and switch to water. If I can do it, I know you can too!!!! Let us know about you transformation! We would love to hear your story.

  • Mary says:

    I made the decision to just not buy it for home. I was buying several cartons a month. One at home was never enough I had to have 3 or 4 maybe more. If I go out to eat I get a soda.

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