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Our New Year’s Resolutions!

WE’D LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY to wish EACH of you a Happy New Year!

Here at Anthony J. Williams DDS, we’re excited for the new year, and we wanted to take a moment to share our new year’s resolutions with you. And, we’d love to hear YOUR resolutions too!

Here Are Some Of OUR Resolutions:

Dr. Williams

Get back on track with my resolution from last year that has gone south: Be active and eat healthy! Also going to try hard to break my habit of pushing the snooze button in 2015!


In 2015 I am going to stay organized!


I am going to start a new hobby in 2015!


2015 is the year for me…..I’m going to be more cheerful, helpful, caring, understanding, and loving!


In 2016 I am going to have a lot because I plan to save money in 2015!


This is my year to do things I said i would do in 2013 that I planned to do in 2012 that I never did in 2011!


I am going to go for it and give up smoking in 2015!

Now Share YOUR Resolutions With Us!

So, now that you know OUR resolutions, what are YOUR resolutions? Let us know by using the comment area below:

Happy New Year!

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